Contacts Backup App Apk Free Download

Backup restore phonebook contacts on Android devices using the easiest, smartest and most reliable app.
This PATENT PENDING contacts backup restore technology ensures a hassle free & secure contact backups in ZERO click and restoration in 1 click.
‘Contacts Backup Automatic’ automatically creates a separate folder in your Gmail account to store your phonebook. The app automatically backs up the latest contacts. For every backup event, ALL contacts in the phonebook are backed up. If the phone is connected to internet, the backup will be automatically sent to Gmail else, it will be stored in External Memory.
You can also take the backup manually.
The backup contacts are stored in standard .vcf format file and it is zipped and sent to Gmail folder as an attachment in the email.
You can restore those contacts in 1 click in existing or new Android phone via this app.

Contacts Backup App Apk
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