PC Image Editor 5.5 Free Download

PC Image Editor is an app that is available free of charge for personal use and it serves as an excellent introduction to the world of image editing for anyone who has yet to venture too far down this path.

At the same time, the program is powerful enough to be of interest to anyone looking to get quick results, and its low system requirements mean that it is ideal for installing on an older laptop that you can take out and about with you.

The interface is immediately inviting and almost all of the available options can be controlled by moving sliders. In this way it is possible to quickly adjust color levels, change gamma and hue settings as well as experimenting with one of the various filters that are included. As you move a slider a popup preview enables you to see just what effect the changes will have on your image so you will know when you apply it.

PC Image Editor 5.5
<img src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-kePAm4TXsQU/U07vujT2xAI/AAAAAAAACT4/yYGYah6mvI8/s1600/pc-image-editor-5.5.jpg" alt="PC Image Editor 5.5 Free Download" />

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