WIFI Scan Apk Free Download

WIFI Scan is a free internet tool. Android App that can be used as a Wi-Fi analyzer. WIFI Scan lets us know the Wi-Fi networks you have handy, as well as data relating to the same (SSID, security types that support, channel used, signal strength)

On the second tab (PLOT) shows a bar graph to see at a glance the channels used by the networks and the power of their signals. This screen is very useful to see if you need to modify your router channel to avoid channel overlap and that the performance of our network is not reduced.

The tab (DISCOVER) helps us to discover the computers that are connected to our network. With this utility we discover in our network intruders.
The tab (PING) is a simple utility to make “PING” an IP address or host name. In this way, we can determine whether a computer is running at any time.

WIFI Scan Apk
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