My Family Tree 3.0.15 Free Download

My Family Tree is an excellent tool for recording just about every possible detail on your family history.

The program provides very capable GEDCOM support, which makes it quick and easy to import any details you might have already. We exported an tree (Tree Pages > Tree Settings > Export tree), and the file was imported correctly and in full.

It's then straightforward to add individuals, and a host of details on them: relationships, photos and stories, video, audio, general attachments, even genetics.

There's plenty of depth to these options, too. An extensive "Details" section allows you to add the name, birth and death dates, nationality, religion, social security number, title, education, description, confirmation date, first communion and more. Relationships are reasonably flexible: children can be "natural", "adopted" or foster", a spouse can be "current" or "former", an "Unrelated" option allows you to connect friends, witnesses or others you might need to reference later. Even a basic tool like adding an image manages to impress, with support for scanners, one or two basic editing options ("Rotate", "Sepia"), printing, slideshows.

My Family Tree 3.0.15
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