ScionPC 8.1 Free Download

ScionPC has been knocking around for seven years, but with each new release it gets better and better. It employs a simple three-step approach to building your tree start with each individual family member, then bind two couples together into a family group before adding their children.

Select a person and you’ll got everything you need to know and record about them split over four tabs: Person provides you with their key details and a list of facts and events, while Names allows you to record how their name may have changed or been recorded. Attachments allows you to link photos, documents and other useful files to them while the final tab Timeline provides a neat view of their and their immediate family’s life in chronological order.

You can also browse by family group here you get a list of parents and children, plus the ability to record shared facts (marriage, residence) and attachments.

ScionPC 8.1
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