XY Family Tree 6.7 Free Download

XY Family Tree looks and acts a lot like other basic family history programs, but behind its pleasant, relatively user-friendly interface lies some clever and unique features. Unique features include a clever Kinship navigation tool that allows you to browse your tree by relationship click this and you can see a person’s aunts and uncles, or even distant cousins simply by clicking the appropriate button to select from a list.

XY Family Tree offers two alternatives. The first is a rather basic Notes tab with three fields for recording both public and private information, while the second is to simply record these facts via their source material switch to the Links tab and you can add links to any files you like, from photos and documents to audio clips or Word documents. You then record information about these, ensuring any fact you do record is immediately backed up.

XY Family Tree 6.7
<img src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-WsvDKdOMKi4/U1KuYIxaVRI/AAAAAAAACXY/5hKMggi5j8w/s1600/xy-family-tree.png" alt="XY Family Tree 6.7 Free Download" />

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